A Halloween Prank Thwarted

Co-written by: Dizzy and Jodie

Eric looked at the large group of people filling the community center. This year’s Halloween Charity event was a big hit. People of Jade Heights had big hearts when it came to kids and the Police Station always hosted the annual Halloween Costumes Trick or Treat Extravaganza. The attendee’s paid a fee to enter the costume competition.  Prizes were awarded to the most unique, the funniest, the scariest, and so on. The money that was paid went to a charity that helped children deal with the death and grief of a parent.

‘And there is the man who made it all happen,’ Eric thought with pride when he saw Chandi. This was a big endeavor for his partner to take on. Chandi had really found his calling within the police force and Eric would do anything and everything to help him. Eric had worried that Chandi’s slight obsession with making sure everything was just perfect would be a problem. But this year those worries hadn’t come to light as much as they had in years past. Chandi had worked hard, and this night was a success.

Chandi walked slowly along the thirty-foot buffet table. So many folks had provided their favourite finger foods, it had him wondering if the table would buckle under the weight. Another table held a wide assortment of liquid refreshments. Everyone seemed to be having a great time even though no alcoholic beverages were allowed. He and his officers kept an eye peeled for anyone trying to smuggle in banned items.

‘Hmm,’ he thought as he approached the end of the delicious spread. ‘I don’t recall seeing that tray of treats being brought in.’ 

He paused when he heard some snickering and whispering coming from the foyer. Staying out of sight, Chandi quietly moved closer to listen to what appeared to be a clandestine tête-à-tête between three young men. Having had to deal with them in the past, he knew them to be some of Jade Heights more mischievous Brats.

His eyebrows shot up and he glanced back at the mysterious tray, eying it suspiciously when he heard the loudly whispered words ‘caramel onions’.

“I’ll just get rid of them before someone takes one,” Chandi muttered to himself. He didn’t want to draw attention to the mischief makers and possibly cause a scene that would have unpleasant repercussions, thus ruining this evening of fun. Many people had worked too hard to make sure this event proved to be a wonderful time for everyone.

He almost choked when he saw Eric standing over the treats as if trying to decide whether or not he wanted one.

Chandi plastered a smile on his face and stepped up next to his partner. “I hope you’re not planning to eat one of those.” He patted Eric’s stomach. “I thought you were watching your weight?”

Eric quirked an eyebrow. He was not fooled by his Brat's fake smile. “No, I’m not watching my weight, and neither are you, are you? We are both within the right weight range for our height.”

Trying to make a point, Eric reached over for one of the caramel apples. He was shocked when Chandi suddenly swept the tray with the treats on it out from under his hand.

“These are for later,” Chandi mumbled out his lame excuse.

“Later? I thought this only lasts until nine tonight?”

“It does, but I have something in mind for these. Maybe using them as door prizes or something.” Chandi knew he was grasping at straws, but couldn’t seem to come up with anything close to convincing even the most mindless person, and his Top was far from mindless.

Eric knew something was up with Chandi, but he also knew that his Brat had spent a lot of time and energy into making this night perfect. He decided to let his partner have his way and then later, when they were home, he’d find out what this was all about. In the meantime, he’d keep a very close eye on his man.

Chandi breathed a sigh of relief when Eric let him take the tray without asking further questions. He knew the older man had seen right through him but had leniently let it go. He also knew such would not be the case once they got home.

After disposing of the foul ‘treats’ in the dumpster, Chandi collared the three pranksters and ushered them into his office. A short lecture and a threat to inform their partners should the prank be repeated took care of the problem.

Kadyn, Kyler and Cameron embarrassed at having been caught, quietly returned to their partners’ sides where they happily spent the rest of the evening. They were fully aware of having gotten off lightly by their popular Chief of Police.   

Two hours later, Chandi stood at the door next to Eric and looked around the large empty hall. Gone were the decorations, the refreshment and the townsfolk in costumes. Everything had been set to right until the next community get-together.

“Well, this was a success. A lot of money was raised for the kids,” Eric said as they walked out. “But I never did get one of those caramel apples. What did you do with them?”

“I chucked them all into the garbage.” Chandi answered straightforwardly. He was flying high. All the hard work, all the worrying about it turning out perfect had paid off. “I can’t wait to get home and out of my uniform.” He commented as he locked the main doors.

Eric planted his feet firmly. He wanted to get a proper answer. “You chucked them in the garbage? Why would you do that? Someone went to a lot of trouble to make them!”

“Do you want to talk about this on a public door step or take it home, Eric?”

“I think we will take it home. You can get out of your uniform and we’ll decide if I need to take you over my lap or to bed.” Eric knew Chandi wasn’t a high maintenance Brat, nor did he need a heavy hand, so Eric wasn’t too worried.

“Good plan!” Chandi enthusiastically agreed. He set off on a run. He loved running and felt the need to burn off a little adrenalin. He was familiar with every street and back alley in town. Not a life-long resident, Eric was not as knowledgeable and so Chandi knew he’d get to their house long before his partner.

Eric arrived home to discover the front door wide open and Chandi nowhere in sight. Fortunately he had left a trail of clothing for the older man to follow. Eric found his partner as naked as the day he’d been born and stretched provocatively across their bed.

Eric stopped and admired the naked body sprawled out before him. He stalked forward toward the bed. “So, it’s over the lap, huh? You left the door open. Anyone could have come in and seen you.”

Eric hid his smile. He wasn't really upset, but he did know a little dominance put a bit of spice in their love-making. Nothing overt, just a hint. Eric had read articles that said the biggest erogenous zone was the brain. That certainly held true for himself and Chandi.

Chandi’s coffee brown eyes lit up in anticipation. “Don’t you first want to hear why I threw the ‘apples’ in the garbage?” he teased.

Eric really wanted to run his hands over Chandi’s body, but finally curiosity won out. “Will it be quick? Because I’ve a great idea on how we can spend the rest of this Halloween night.”

“They weren’t apples, Eric. They were caramel-covered onion.” Chandi watched as his partner’s jaw dropped. “Did I keep the explanation short enough or do you want more information?”

“Maybe a little more information,” Eric said and sat down on the bed beside his lover. “Why would anyone put caramel on onions? Am I missing something here?”

“It was a joke. I overheard three young men talking and was able to put a stop to their prank. I can’t tell you any more than that, as who the miscreant were is confidential. I scolded them, threatened them and then sent them on their way.”

With a silent sigh of relief that there wasn’t more to the prank and that his boy wasn’t involved, Eric toed off his shoes, stood up and quickly shed his clothes.

“That’s why you make such a great police officer,” he said as he climbed on top of Chandi. He dropped his head and gave his lover a long kiss. When he broke it off, he murmured against Chandi’s lips, “and I’m so proud of you.”

Chandi beamed with pleasure. “Now that the mystery is solved, what do you want to do next?” It was a rhetorical question, as both men knew exactly where this was heading.

Eric slid down Chandi’s body and preceded to demonstrate what he wanted to do next. Chandi had thwarted a Halloween prank and Eric was going to give him his reward for keeping the good citizens of Jade Height safe.

The End